2017-Week 16 – Kindness – It Always Works Out

I love giving.

That should be enough for this post, but I’ll go on.  I’ve always been generous, sometimes to my own detriment.  But I love doing things for people I love, and for people I’ve never met.

I was privileged to photograph a family that is very dear to me that has had a rough six months.  I’ve known them for about twenty years, when their daughters came to our son’s school.  They have been pulling together, as one among them has been going through a serious health difficulty.  When I found all 21 were going to all be here, together, from four states for the first time in  – ever!   I knew I just had to give them the gift of family portraits.

I gave some of my family, tribe and other MKMMA  fellow travelers a text and asked for prayers and good wishes as I knew this would be a challenge.  I packed up my studio lights, cameras, and other bags and bundles of necessary stuff and headed out – alone.  My fine assistant was home sick, so it was all me.  I got to the location, had left my extension cords home, my light meter refused to work, and my wireless transmitter wouldn’t transmit.  There were more unexpected roadblocks, but I kept my cool, and as I was setting up, and being flexible, and trusting that all would be well, I had texts of encouragement pouring in from those I’d asked to be with me in spirit.  And of course, it worked out.  The borrowed extension cords were available. The light ratio may not have been exactly right, but it worked out.  I had packed the sync cords so I didn’t need the wireless transmitter.  I did it all without my assistant, and because he wasn’t there to shoo me out when I was done, I had a lovely, long, personal chat with my friend who is on the same cancer road I was on 12 years ago.

It all works out.  Every time.  Maybe not how we planned – but it always works out.  I’ve given up a lot of anxiety I used to carry, because I know – it always works out.

I love nature, I love creation.  I love the world that God made for us, and I totally respect those who photograph that wonderfulness for us all to behold, but landscape photograph bores me to tears.  Photographing people is something that gives me great joy.  I love being able to capture their spirits in a creative way.   And I love taking a candid shot here and there for a little sneak-peak fun!  Hey – you can’t get 21 people to pose and smile the way you want!  You gotta go with the flow!  I love creating art and grabbing a moment in time for them to have with them always.  What do you love to do?



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Lori Ann King

Beautiful on all accounts!

Andrew Millar

Great encouragement. Thanks.

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