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Week 15

I’ve just finished at the visitation for my dad tonight.  He passed from this life to the next on January 2.  So much outpouring of wonderful thoughts and memories.  Tomorrow morning – before noon, I will write the eulogy I’ll deliver tomorrow at  1:30.    I haven’t been stressed about it, because I’ve learned that […]

Week 13 – Christmas Day

MK 13:23 “Thought is a spiritual activity and is therefore creative, but make no mistake, thought will create NOTHING unless it is consciously, systematically, and constructively directed.” Today, on Christmas day, let us consciously, systematically, and constructively create the very best for ourselves and those we love, by loving and giving with definite purpose – […]

Week 12 – Good Vibrations!

MK 12:23  “The mind cannot comprehend an entirely new idea until a corresponding vibratory brain cell has been prepared to receive it.  This explains why it is so difficult for us to receive or appreciate an entirely new idea; we have no brain cell capable of receiving it; we are therefore incredulous; we do not believe it.” This […]

Week 11 – No Words

“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”         (Mark 11:24, NIV) It’s all connected.  We are all connected.  In all creation, for all time that has been or ever will be, the Master of the Universe knows and cares […]

Week 10 – What?

Three steps forward, two steps back.  One step forward, three steps back.  Four steps forward, one step back.  Isn’t it interesting that when you’re working on something important, like changing your life, all kinds of stuff starts flying at you! Gotta just keep moving, dodge the balls and keep laughing. That’s all I got this […]

Week 8b -BAM

Hey!  About 9:10 USA CST did some shiny gold blind you for a second?  Well, here’s the deal.  I was off work today and was fortunate to get some good sleep and awoke at about 7 feeling pretty good.  (insert DMP excerpt  here: “I feel alive and energetic when I awake.”)   I put my workout clothes […]

Week 7 – Is It Time?

I read an article recently that discussed the incidence of brain damage in chemotherapy patients.    Between 17 – 85% have some sort of permanent damage.  The first years after, everyone jokes and calls it “chemo-brain”.  I even asked my oncologist how long I could use that excuse.  Five years was the answer.  “Things should […]