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2016 – Week 6 – Focus!

“Attention or concentration is probably the most important essential in the development of mind culture.  The possibilities of attention when properly directed are so startling that they would hardly appear credible to the uninitiated.  The cultivation of attention is the distinguishing characteristic of every successful man or woman, and is the very highest personal accomplishment […]

2016 – Week 4 – Let Go

This week the exercise in Haanel’s “The Master Key System” was to let go of all adverse conditions, such as hatred, anger, worry, jealousy, envy, sorrow, trouble or disappointment of any kind. Ha!  Mr. Haanel.  You expect me to let go of all that?  How am I supposed to do that!?!?! The first thing is […]

2016 – Week 3 – Solar Plexus

Is Iron Man’s solar plexus connected to his DMP and his PPN’s?   Sure looks like it to me.   The more I learn about the Solar Plexus, the more fascinating it is.  I love the description from “Chakra Anatomy” 3rd Chakra The Solar Plexus Chakra, located between the navel and solar plexus, is the core of our […]

2016-Week 2 – No Coincidences

Ah, another who sees that there are no coincidences in life. I believe there are Divine Appointments – we’re all connected and all on this fabulous journey together! Today’s guest blog is from the wonderful Cristin: Week 2- Setting Intentions Saturday, October 8, 2016 As I have mentioned before, I am currently taking the Master […]

Do You Need More?

It’s not just me!  Hundreds of people for years can attest to the value of the Master Key Experience.  You can’t buy it – scholarship only!  Applications open soon! Leave me your best email and I’ll notifiy you when it’s go-time!   There’s nothing like it!  

You Know That Time When. . .

You know that time when you’re mindlessly scrolling through facebook and all of a sudden you’re talking to yourself?  I KNOW!  It’s so startling!  To some of you, it happens all the time, but me?  Nope.  Not until my friend Davene posted this the other day: So what does standing on the island have to […]