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Do You Need More?

It’s not just me!  Hundreds of people for years can attest to the value of the Master Key Experience.  You can’t buy it – scholarship only!  Applications open soon! Leave me your best email and I’ll notifiy you when it’s go-time!   There’s nothing like it!  

You Know That Time When. . .

You know that time when you’re mindlessly scrolling through facebook and all of a sudden you’re talking to yourself?  I KNOW!  It’s so startling!  To some of you, it happens all the time, but me?  Nope.  Not until my friend Davene posted this the other day: So what does standing on the island have to […]

MasterKey Live – 2016

Many who know me personally, knew it was a really big deal that we went to Kauai on July 22.  Most asked why we were going, and I told them it was a work conference thing.  I’m sure a lot were thinking, “What does going to a conference in Kauai have to do with coding medical records?”  Absolutely […]

Imagine, If You Will

Summertime!  What comes to mind?  Warm weather, fun in the sun, traveling, having a blast?  You bet – summer is great! But imagine, if you will – what all that fun, fun, fun, in the sun, sun, sun, would be like if you were  mentally and emotionally hog-tied.  What if that once-in-a-lifetime invitation to the coolest wedding ever came? […]

Week 24.2 – A New Beginning

Commencement time for the 2015-2016 MKMMA Class!  Yay! And as Mark J. reminded us, commencement is not the end – it is just the beginning.   For MKMMAers, it is the beginning of the life they were meant to live. The last six months has brought breakthroughs and breakdowns – breaking down the walls of […]