2017 Week 24 – It’s a Wonderful World

I’m back again to the end –
which is the beginning of a new phase of life.  So many things are just as they’ve always been, but so many are different, because as we’ve learned,

Now – there seems to be a “quote fight” that this is from Oliver Wendell Holmes, or our friend Ralph Waldo Emerson.  I’m going with Emerson.  You do what you want with that.  But it’s a true statement.    I want to especially thank Cyndria Coaty, Kim WellsLori Ann King, and Julie Bautista for making this year’s Master Key Experience great for me!

I truly was blessed to have all of you in my tribe and I look forward to staying in touch as the days, weeks, and years roll on.  Remember, I’m always your greatest cheerleader, biggest fan, and so honored that you shared your world with me.  I’m always here for you!

It IS indeed, a wonderful world!

If you want to change your world, do it!  Easy – no.  Worth it?  Absolutely!

Have Faith and Keep Going!

Nancy O


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Thank you ever so much for holding the space for all of us in the Tribe. I love you, Nancy! I look forward to sharing the future with you as life unfolds. All the best, now and always, Julie

    Nancy Ottinger

    Thanks, Julie – what a great pleasure to get to know you this year!

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