2017 – Week 21 – What Does It Matter?

My worst habit is watching TV.  Just want to put that out there.  I flipped through last week and saw a new show – My Lottery Dream House or somesuch.  It’s about this guy who helps lottery winners find their dream homes.  Duh.  The episode was one where the couple won $180 million.  Interesting.  So, they lay out their plans – 5-6000 square feet or more – acreage, 6-7+ bedrooms, 2.5 million budget.

Fast forward – they found a place on the side of a mountain – kinda difficult to get to, on 50 acres.  Everything you can imagine was in that house.  Then at the end, they said they bought the buffalo ranch next door, and then ended up just buying the entire mountain – hundreds and hundreds of acres.   Yay for them – I don’t begrudge anyone anything as long as it’s legal and doesn’t harm anyone or take anyone else’s good.

This show stuck with me though.  A retired couple up a difficult drive to a giant house.  I was thinking, “What if that was me?”  I thought of the hike it would take for friends to come visit.  How many friends would you have to have to keep the place stocked with visits?   What would you do with it?  What’s the point?

I hope they open it up for wonderful things – I hope they host missionaries on furlough.  I hope they do big fundraisers for the homeless shelter in town.  I hope they hold retreats for underprivileged kids.  They may do all of that and more – I don’t know, and it’s really none of my business.  I just would hate to think of two folks rattling around in a few years, asking, “what does it matter?”

Find something good to do today.  Wherever you are.  No mountain top needed!

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Denise Luke

Nice post. It has to matter…

    Nancy Ottinger

    Thanks for stopping by, Denise.

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