2017 -Week 18 – I Know The Answers!

We’ve been challenged with two questions these last few weeks.  Although I’ve had more profound thoughts, this week’s answers show that the questions are relevant in any circumstance.  Today I have an answer for both!

Sunday morning was the first 5K of the year.  My friends and I try to do 15-20 races a year – either 5K’s, 4-Milers or 10K’s.  I don’t run due to a foot problem, but I do my best and my goal is to finish and not be last.  Our group that is involved –  depending on availability – numbers between two and twelve members.

Lisa, Lori and I – we finished and weren’t last!

February 5th in Kansas can be really iffy – could be tons of snow, ice, rain, sleet, overcast, cold, sunshine, or heat.  Sometimes all of those in a week around here.  But today we were lucky – about 41 degrees at race time with sunshine and no wind!  Yay!  Lori, Lisa and I posed for a pic, then the race was on – doing ok at the first marker and, as usual around Mile #2, I wonder what the heck I’m doing, then remind myself there is only a mile to go.  We all start together, and we wait for each other at the end.  I usually finish somewhere in the middle of our group – then we pose for the “after” pic and usually go to breakfast.

West Bottoms

Sunday we had to rush off – Lori was going to work, and I was meeting friends to go to “First Fridays in the West Bottoms”.   Yes, I know it’s Sunday, but the antique stores and other shops stay open all weekend for First Fridays.  The Bottoms in KC was founded in 1860 along the Missouri river and industry and the livestock exchange quickly sprung up.  Fast forward 157 years and the area has been revitalized to include the shops, restaurants, bars, event spaces, entertainment venues and Haunted Houses that operate in the fall.

So, right after the race, I rode with my friends to the Bottoms and we spent a lovely afternoon walking UP and DOWN the many stairs in the old buildings shopping and browsing the antiques.  And my left hip and leg were hurting so badly, I couldn’t go upstairs in the last few shops.  And I was in pretty bad shape for the next two days.

So – what’re the answers to the two questions?  This week the answer to “What am I pretending not to know?” is, “I’m pretending not to know that sitting on my butt and not walking since December 17th’s 5K is not OK, especially at my advancing age.” and “What would the person I intend to become do next?” is “Get up off my butt and go, girl!

Have Faith – KEEP GOING!

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Part of the Do IT Now club for sure! Proud of you for the SHOWING up and running your race Nancy! – (last weekend and this??? You go girl!)

    Nancy Ottinger

    I changed a few words, b/c the post wasn’t clear – the injury was last Sunday 2/5, and we did another 5K yesterday- 2/11 as well. Much better! Thanks for the encouragement, Lori! You are an inspiration to me for sure!

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