2016 – Week 13 – Christmas

Every year we say how the time has flown – because it has!  This year has been another year of blessings.  Whether the experiences were positive, or not so much, each one has been an opportunity – to learn, to stretch and grow, to become better at something, or to practice our mental diet!

Highlights included a fabulous weekend in Memphis that I wrote about earlier.   And of course, we flew to Kauai in July so I could participate in the awesomeness that is The Master Key Live Event!  I broke down there as I had a breakthrough on the very first day of the teaching – and it just got better and better.

I got my new tribe in September, and they have become so special to me as they’ve grown and are discovering the truth of who they are, and are becoming all they were created to be.   I’ve seen them start to grasp that they are powerful beyond measure!  So exciting!

It’s been a great year for me, even as I watch dear ones struggle.   I have a special friend that lives many miles from me, but has taken up residence in my heart since July.  She is a beautiful woman – a daughter, sister, aunt, wife, mom of four daughters, artist, writer, shop-owner and friend who was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer.  Ugly thing that it is.  I have been privileged to pray for her, encourage her in small ways and give her practical advice, having passed my 12-year cancer free anniversary this summer.  She has finished her first phase of treatment, but still has a long road to go.  Unfortunately, she has come this far without insurance, but God is good, all the time, and they are making it.  If you think of Heather and her situation, please pray for her, and help if you are so led (please be led).  They are a precious family and very dear to me.

I love my life, no matter what.  I love to be able to pause at Christmas and think of the miracle that life is – and the miracle that we all are.   Chris and Dan are well, Lexie said “yes” so I won’t be the only girl in the family any more – Bryan is looking forward to retirement, and Captain is trying to figure out why there is an interloper in HIS family’s picture.  Scout is a rescue pup that Dan and Lexie adopted – but Captain is still in charge!

Have a wonderful Christmas, and blessed time with your family and friends.  Even though it probably has an advertisement (sorry – you can skip it) I’ll share one more of my favorite things that I love about Christmas  –  the whole reason we celebrate  – Emmanuel.  God with us.  All is well.

Have Faith and Keep Going – Nancy O


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Monica Munro

I love your PMA, Nancy! I’m very sorry to hear about your friend, Heather. Saying prayers for her. Congratulations on Lexie joining the family. All is well! Thanks for sharing the song. Have a blessed Christmas with your beautiful family!

    Nancy Ottinger

    Thanks for stopping by, Monica! Have a wonderful Christmas!

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