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2017 – Week 4 – To Will, or Not To Will.
This week we are taking out all the 'wills' when reading Scroll I.  Why are we instructed to do that? [...]
2017 – Week 3 – Scroll I – Today I begin a . . .
How many times have I said that?  "Today I begin a:  new school, new job, new home town, new diet, [...]
2017 Week 2 – The Tribe Has Formed!
Wow!  What a great week!  I'm getting to know the 22 people in my tribe, and they are a great[...]
2017 – Week 1 – Buckle-Up, Buttercup! Here We Go!
I am so excited for the 2017-2018 MKMMA session!  It seems like it was only yesterday that the last session[...]
Get Excited!
We are within just a few weeks of the start of the 2017-2018 Master Key Experience!  Last year's class paid[...]
2017 Week 24 – It’s a Wonderful World
I'm back again to the end - which is the beginning of a new phase of life.  So many things[...]

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After years of reading self-help articles and books, attending seminars, listening to "experts" and "self-help gurus", wishing, hoping, and praying for answers, I found myself still seeking, still looking for that which would calm my spirit and heal my wounded heart.  Through an interesting set of circumstances, I came upon the Master Key Experience .  Though I'd signed up to become a better salesperson, I quickly realized I had stumbled into what I'd been looking for during the previous thirty years.  The MKE released me from the life I'd known, and propelled me into the life I've been wanting all long.  I was so grateful for the transformation of my life, that I applied to be a guide, and I'm so very humbled and excited to be assisting others in becoming all that they were meant to be.  Please join us and create the life you deserve!  Sign up above with your best email to be notified of the next session! 

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