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2017 – Week 21 – What Does It Matter?
My worst habit is watching TV.  Just want to put that out there.  I flipped through last week and saw[...]
2017 – Week 20 – A Reminder of Where I Came From
I had a wonderful blessing Friday morning - one of my tribe called just to chat  🙂  .  I had[...]
2017 – Week 19 – “Hello! Are you listening?” Universe Calling!
No matter what you think you know, or how long you've known it - it's still fun to realize that[...]
2017 -Week 18 – I Know The Answers!
We've been challenged with two questions these last few weeks.  Although I've had more profound thoughts, this week's answers show that[...]
2017 – Week 17-hj – Where Are You?
The Hero's Journey.  Where are you?  If you've made it this far in the Master Key Experience, you've answered the[...]
2017 Week 17 – The Fun Continues!
So,  a little backstory.  About 20-ish years ago, God brought an incredible worship leader to our little church on the[...]

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